Exclusive Charity Casino Hire Events

Hire rr1quality casino tables with professional croupiers for your charity casino night!

Raising funds for a worthy cause on charity nights while concurrently giving prospective donors a good time is an excellent fusion of sentiments. The concept of the charity night is built around the acceptance that people do like to donate funds to charitable organisations doing great grassroots work. You are also passionate about the charity that you believe in. The charity night gives you an opportunity to talk to the donors about the outstanding work that the charitable organisation of your choice is engaged in and appeal to the deeper emotions of the donors. At the same time, you would like the donors to remember that they had a good time even as they loosen their purse strings for a noble cause.

This is where Exclusive Casino Hire plays a role. We can assist you to design your charity theme around the casino event. The discreet use of banners, motifs, logos on poker chips and fun money will be subtle reminders to the participating public of the real reason for their attending the charity night even as they let their hair down and have a whale of a time.

Our croupiers will support the cause with seemingly casual but meaningful remarks related to the cause for which the charity night has been organised.

If you have never before organised a charity fundraising event with a fun casino atmosphere, now is the time to make that decision. Just do it once and see the difference!

Book Exclusive Casino Hire for your Charity Event by calling us directly on 07957 283 809 or e-mail us via our contact enquiry form and we will get in touch with you to understand your plans and your ideas and will help you to make them a reality. All this with inputs from our professionally qualified and experienced team who are delighted in making people smile.

By the way ideas matter so here are a few:-

  • Your charity night need not be limited to a single charity. If there is more than one charity that you are passionate about, we can help you to organise a multiple charity night;
  • If you would like to organise a round of bingo at your charity night, that’s fine with us. You just need to give us advance notice so that we can make the arrangements for the tickets and the equipment;
  • You could even sell raffle tickets and then have a lucky draw;
  • Whatever your inclination, rest assured that we have the time and the skill to bring it to fruition;
  • You could even plan an end-of-the-night grand prize to the person with the maximum holding of chips at the close of the charity night.
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