Exclusive Poker Hire

You don’t need a special reason for an Exclusive Poker Event. Maybe you have decided to put together the beginning of a poker club. Maybe a poker night is an ingredient of your corporate event or birthday celebration or a stag party night.

Whatever the occasion, Exclusive Casino Hire will transform the night into one of boisterous raising of antes mixed with moments of thoughtful silence, laughter mixed with melancholy, the quiet shuffling of the deck mixed with the agitated slamming of cards on the table.

The players will be playing with poker chips. But the professionalism of our croupiers will transport the players to a world of realism, so much so that they begin to believe that the game is for real. What’s more our croupiers have the deft ability to keep control of the game and make sure that every player has a fun time.

The crystal clear instructions about the rules of the game by our croupiers will be easily understood even by poker greenhorns. What’s more is that in the atmosphere and the ambience crafted by our croupiers, even the novices (even if they are not enjoying the fabled beginner’s luck) will slowly but surely fall in love with poker.

Book Exclusive Casino Hire for your fun casino poker night by calling us directly on 07957 283 809 or e-mail us via our contact enquiry form and we will get in touch with you to understand your plans and your ideas and will help you to make them a reality. All this with inputs from our professionally qualified and experienced team who are delighted in making people smile.

By the way, ideas matter so here are a few –

  • Commemorate poker theme nights with specially commissioned poker chips and decks with an appropriate emblem;
  • Poker nights, which are a part of a larger occasion, could be livened up with props and costumes related to the overarching theme;
  • If it’s a league finale, organise a background entertainment program to keep the audience otherwise engaged beside, of course, their going over the top with the happenings at the deal table.