Exclusive Roulette Hire

Roulette brings with it visions of the glamour of Las Vegas, the jet set of Monte Carlo, and the charm and allure of the Riviera.

There are 37 numbers from 0-36 (both included) marked on the green baize of the wheel. There are 12 different ways in which to place your bets before the ball and the wheel are spun.

Betting is in two categories – even money bets and odd money bets.  In all wins, the winner gets back his original stake along with his winnings.  A glimpse of the bets that can be made is given below.

Odd Money Betsr2

  • Rogue…a bet that a red number will win..evens
  • Noir…a bet that a black number will win..evens
  • Pair… a bet that an even number will win..evens
  • Impair… a bet that an odd number will win..evens
  • Manque…a bet that a low number between 1-18 will win
  • Passe… a bet that a high number between 19-36 will win

Even Money Bets

  • Split…a bet placed on the line between two numbers..pays 17-1
  • Street…a bet placed to cover 3 numbers..pays 11-1
  • Corner… a bet placed to cover four numbers..pays 8-1
  • SixLine…a bet placed to cover six numbers..pays 5-1
  • Column…a bet placed to cover 12 numbers..pays 2-1
  • Dozen…a bet placed to cover 1-1212P, 13-2412M, 25-3612D..pays 2-1