Hosted Race Nights

Before Horse Race.Race nights are really fun and exhilarating events. Everything that is required for the race night is supplied to the participants. Race card sheets, latest track form of the contenders, tote betting and more. You will find strangers head-to-head in animated discussion about which is the form horse and what are the prospects of the dark horse romping home. Even the usually silentones wiracenight2ll be shouting themselves hoarse as the horses come around the bend and into the home stretch with the jockeys standing up in their saddles and flashing their whips.

Your charity or cause can be woven into the fabric of the race night. This usually works on the basis of percentages of the winnings divided in a pre-determined ratio. Normally, it is 50 percent to be retained by the winner or winners and the remaining 50 percent to the chosen charity or cause.

The races are displayed on a large screen with excellent visibility and clarity. There are 8 races in all during the night and there are 8 horses in each race, which are all numbered. The tickets are clearly numbered and patrons can place as many bets as they like either for the same horse or for different horses. The price of each ticket is normally a minium of £1. Of course, the more that you stake, the higher the payout will be if your selected horse wins.

race night corporateWhat usually happens on race nights is that the participants get totally mesmerized by the surroundings and the events unfolding on the large screen. They are so caught up in the fervor of the night that they are more open to reaching out for their wallets and donating with a generous heart for the chosen charity, football club or special event.

And don’t forget that there is also an opportunity for you to own a horse for the grand sum of £5. You can choose from all of the 64 horses that will be contesting the races.

How The Race Night Works

  • Your professional master of ceremonies (MC) will guide you through the night. He will give you all the race related inputs plus a liberal sprinkling of humorous anecdotes.
  • Race sheets will be handed out to all the participants
  • You can approach the betting desk to make your bet. You can choose any of the horsed numbered from 1 to 8 or more than one; whichever you feel has the best prospect of winning.
  • An announcement will be made for closure of all bets.
  • A member from among the participants is given the privilege of selecting the film. This arrangement ensures that there is no question of any manipulation.
  • The lights at the venue will be dimmed and the race will begin
  • At the conclusion of the race, the MC will announce the name of the winning horse and the number of the winning horse on the race sheet.
  • A special prize or a bottle of wine is presented to the owner of the winning horse.
  • All participants who have staked their money on the winning horse go to the betting desk, present their tickets and collect their winnings.
  • On special requests extra races could also be included, which could include a novelty race, such as pig racing
  • Background music played in between is also an option that is available.